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Which Candidate Deserves YOUR Vote?

We're counting down to Presidents' Day with an election of our own!

Four worthy "candidates" want your vote! You decide the winner. As a thank-you for your vote, you'll receive a FREE bottle of your favorite candidate! Simply make any purchase between February 13 and February 16, 2014, and enter your candidate's promo code to vote.**

Election results will be posted on Monday, February 17, 2014. Check out the meet-and-greet below and discover what each promises to do for you. Rumor has it that the winner plans to give away a free inaugural gift later; so, stay tuned, and be sure to cast your vote today!

Who deserves YOUR vote?

Meet the Candidates

Curcumin Advanced divider

Hey, Curcumin here! You can't miss me – I'm the spicy one in the crowd. I'm the active part of turmeric, which is often called the spice of life. I make food taste good, and I'm here to help support your health, too.* If you elect me, I pledge not only to be the life of the party, but I'll also help you fight oxidative stress, support your brain health, assist your gallbladder function, and if you're a woman like me, support your postmenopausal health!* With my flavor alone, Curcumin deserves your vote!

Use promo code CURC14 to vote for me!
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Rhodiola Extract divider

Vote for me! The Vikings came to me when they needed to raise their endurance and reduce their fatigue after working hard.* Nicknamed "Golden Root," and as an adaptogen, I'll help protect your muscles when you work out, ease occasional anxiety associated with daily life, and support your heart health.* Vote for me, the strong Viking adaptogen – Rhodiola Extract!

Rhodiola Extract
Use promo code RHOD14 to vote for me!
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Vitamin C Divider

Forget about Curcumin! You may not realize it, but I'm essential to a healthy heart, the immune system, eyes, and memory.* They all depend on me.* Known as the "Grandfather" of antioxidants, I often donate some of my electrons to help other antioxidants get their job done. And now I'm infused with liposomes so I'm more powerful than ever! Vote for me – the Grandfather of antioxidants – Liposomal Vitamin C!

Vitamin C
Use promo code VITC14 to vote for me!
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Krill Oil for Pets divider

I'm the dark horse. Much of the work I do is out of sight, inside your pet's body. Working with my omega-3 buddies EPA and DHA, I help support your pet's organs and systems. You can thank me (and, in turn, vote for me!) for your pet's healthy skin and eyes, heart, kidneys, joint comfort, and support for a healthy immune response. Your pet would agree – Krill Oil for Pets is worthy of your vote!

Krill Oil for Pets
Use promo code PETK14 to vote for me!
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